Vocal Training for Middle and High Schoolers

Voices of Tomorrow, Training Today!

Vocal Training

Grades: Middle and High School
Time: Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:30
Instructor: Annie Dragoo
Cost: $213.75 total or $75 a month (3 months)
Dive into the fundamentals of vocal technique as students learn the building blocks of healthy singing. From proper breathing and vocal warm-ups to posture, resonance, and vocal placement, students will develop the technical skills and awareness needed to produce a clear, resonant, and expressive sound. Experience the joy of singing in harmony and collaboration as students come together to create beautiful music. Through ensemble singing, duets, and group exercises, students will learn the importance of listening, blending, and working together to create cohesive and compelling musical performances. Dress Code: comfortable clothing and shoes.

Below you will find multiple dates and times. If paying monthly, choose the first Sept 10th date and time and return monthly to pay. If paying the full semester, please select the second Sept 10th date and time.