Make Up Workshop

Makeup Workshop: 


Part 1 Stage Make Up & Old Age May 9th 5:30-7:30


Part 2 Fantasy & Gore May 18th 1-3pm


Instructor: Part 1 Emmy-Mae Speakman, Part 2 Mary Grace Whitlock


Cost: $50 (or $25 for each)

Transform faces and tell stories with our Make-Up Workshop! Over two two-hour sessions, discover the secrets behind basic stage makeup, old-age transformations, fantasy looks, and realistic bruise/cut effects. Whether you’re a makeup maven or a complete beginner, this workshop is your canvas for exploring the diverse and expressive world of stage cosmetics. *Make-up kits required additional cost of $80 for new kit** unless you have your own

**Scroll down for make up kit purchase options
We suggest that you buy the Ben Nye Stage Theatrical Creme Makeup Kit
Here is a link to where you can order it from (though you can also search for deals or local retailers) It costs $78
This kit will last you a long time and you can do just about anything with it so we highly recommend it! 
Additional items that you may want to bring to class that are not in this kit:
Mascara (recommended)
Fake Eyelashes and Adhesive (optional)
Colorful pallet for Fantasy Make up (optional)
Glitter for fantasy makeup (optional)
Face Primer (optional- but can help if you are prone to break outs)
Additional Beauty Blenders (the kit comes with triangular sponge squares)
Dry brushes (the kit comes with a powder puff and small cream brushes)
If you do not wish to purchase that kit, these are the items you would need to bring to class:

Stage Makeup:
• Foundation that matches their skin color (cream/liquid usually works better than powder)
• Concealer slightly lighter than their skin color
•A contour (1-2 shades darker than your skin tone)
•Eyeliner pencil or liquid (their preference)
•Light blush (can be cream, powder, or liquid, but cream tends to blend better)
•Light lip color – nude or slightly blush
•Light lip liner – should be one shade darker than lipstick
•Mascara (Not required but always makes eyes pop)
•Eyebrow pencil matching your hair color
•Liquid highlight (lighter than concealer)
•Optional: Eyeshadow — Natural light browns

Old Age:
•Foundation (can be the same as mentioned above)
•Concealer (lighter than mentioned above)
•Contour (2-3 shades darker than your skin color)
•Optional: Blush (liquid or cream) but a pink/red eyeshadow works as well
•Liquid or cream highlight (lighter than concealer, can even be white)

-For bruises – need yellow, purple, blue, brown and red eyeshadow – creme or powder (NO sparkle)
-For gore: (all this is in the Ben Nye kit – it is hard to find these items outside of ordering them online, if you do not have them for class you will only be able to watch.) Liquid Latex (1floz.) Nose & Scar Wax (1oz.)Spirit Gum Adhesive (0.25floz) Spirit Gum Remover (1floz.) Dark Blood (0.5floz)Stipple Sponge
All the above mentioned for Stage Make Up plus any colorful pallets you may want to work with! Get creative with what you may want to bring in. You can bring gems to attach, glitter, or fun colors. There are also some cheap colorful pallet alternatives available at the dollar store or ingles. 
Again we highly recommend just going for the Ben Nye Kit but we wanted to provide an alternative option if you already have your own large collection of makeup.