Musical Theatre Dance for High Schoolers

Broadway Bound: High School Edition...

Musical Theatre Dance

Grades: High School
Time: Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:30
Cost: $213.75 total or $75 a month (3 months)
Explore the rich musicality and rhythmic diversity of Broadway as students develop a nuanced understanding of timing and musical interpretation. Musical Theatre Dance emphasizes the importance of collaboration and ensemble work as students come together to create dynamic group performances. Through rhythmic drills, musical phrasing exercises, and syncopated challenges, students will learn to synchronize their movements with the music, enhancing their performance quality and stage presence. Dress code: young ladies -fitted t shirt or top, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes, hair pulled away from face; young men: t-shirt, black stretch jazz pants, black jazz shoes.

Below you will find multiple dates and times. If paying monthly, choose the first Sept 10th date and time and return monthly to pay. If paying the full semester, please select the second Sept 10th date and time.