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2024 Winter Studio Season Applications

Become a part of our 2024 Studio Season!

What is the studio season: HART’s winter studio season offers an opportunity for members of our community to be a part of the shows THEY want to do! It’s a learning ground for people to try directing, stage managing, or tech positions for the first time, for actors to push themselves in roles they typically wouldn’t be cast in, or to do the shows that may be too “controversial” or “dark” for our Main Stage season. 

How do I apply?: Fill out the application below by October 9th to have your show considered for the 2024 season. Final decisions on the show line up will be made by November 15th. Shows perform sometime between Feb 2nd and April 28th of 2024.

What is expected of those who get picked?: HART will pay for royalties of the shows selected. Directors of the pieces will be given a $300 budget to use in anyway they see fit for the production as well as access to HARTs stock of costumes, props, and set pieces. HART will hold open auditions for any unfilled roles in December (as an applicant you are welcome to pre-cast anyone you’d like as an actor or on the production team).

What support will I get from the staff?: The studio season is HART’s staff’s opportunity for some downtime, so we try to be as uninvolved as possible. We will provide you with some names of volunteers or artists that may be interested in helping with costumes, lights, sound, etc. You will have access to our buildings for rehearsal but need to approve your rehearsal schedule with HARTs Artistic Director for conflicts. We will also give you a tour of our costume, props, and set and answer any specific questions about our stock but we expect you to pull what you need and creatively finish your show. At the end of the day, the success of the production falls on the applicant. HART does not hold formal production meeting for studio season shows (though you are welcome to hold your own meetings). HART will provide front of house volunteers for the run of the show and handles all ticket sales and promotion.

What kind of shows typically get picked?: We love producing small cast shows (6 or under), cabarets/musical revues, musical acts/bands, dark shows, controversial shows, one person shows, original works, and shows that have bare or minimal sets/costumes. We also tend to give preference to people with more developed ideas, visions, or complete cast/artistic teams.

Photos from some of our past Studio Shows